Graphic Designer / Iconographer / Art Director

My Story

Some few words to get to know me.

My name is Alexis Duku, I am a independent art director, photographer and iconoclastic. 

  Eclectic, passionate, and attracted mainly by aesthetics, I like architecture, photography, art, and design.
My graduate degree is in visual communication and my professional experiences
have allowed me to enrich a culture related to graphics, social, and technological trends.
I am constantly looking to push limits through my projects by combining aesthetics and material.

  The many definitions of design make it elastic, it is not frozen by aesthetic principles or immutable codes.
Inspired by masters like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Herbert Bayer, Jean Paul Goude, and George Rousse,
I hope to find my vision of design in the world of applied arts.

My Works

A bunch of things that I’ve done so far

My pictures

A selection of my world photography

My Inspirations

A selection of my images inspiration

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